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Robin Yearsley

Thanks for stopping by Sharon and letting us know that you approve of the post.

I will make the minor adjustment to the slide pack and re-publish - just to keep things polished.

Best of Luck for the forthcoming delivery of ITIL Version 3!

I know from the tons of feedback I receive that it seems like the whole IT Service world is waiting to see what it look like.

We're planning on keeping everyone fully up to date with all developments on this Blog.


Robin Yearsley
Chief Blogger, IT Service Blog

sharon taylor

I was very pleased to see this blog and the positive statements made about our strategy for development, selection of world class authors and our progress.

Behind the scenes of the refresh project is a team of extremely dedicated, tireless people who share the credit of our successes.

I would like to provide a small clarfication to the slides posted here. The depiction of Frontrange solutions placed on the slides was not a part of the original material. As many of you know, ITIL is non-proprietary and not associated with any commercial interests. The company name appearing on the slides (Frontrange) was a sponsor of the searchCIO webcast and is not affiliated in any way with the ITIL refresh project.

Sharon Taylor
Chief Architect, ITIL Refresh Project

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